Exceptional Ice Cream For Everyone

It started as a mission to create incredibly flavourful and unique dairy ice cream that Jülide couldn't find anywhere else. It's still that today, but now it's for everyone.

Curious For Ice Cream

Jülide has always had a sweet tooth. Born and raised in London as a first-generation Turkish-Canadian, Jülide has many fond memories of grabbing ice cream with her family in Port Stanley and London. After getting her first job, her first purchase was a Kitchenaid mixer and ice cream maker attachment. She wanted to create flavours for her and her loved ones that she just wasn't seeing in stores locally. Her goal was to capture the nostalgia of her past, and the newly discovered flavours from her travels, all in a flavour-packed spoonful of the highest quality. And so, Jülide did just that - discovering she had a knack for it!

Jülide had a feeling others would enjoy her recipes too, and in 2018 she popped-up as Bake Vibes at Gathering on the Green in Wortley Village with 8 original flavours. The entire experience changed her life, the pop-up went so well that she cried tears of joy on the way home. On August 1st, 2020, she went all in and opened a permanent booth in
The Market At Western Fair District. Soon after opening with a menu of dairy ice cream, Jülide learned, by connecting to her customers, that there was a serious desire to see the same love and meticulous care put towards vegan, gluten-free-friendly and sugar-free flavours. Jülide knew this was her path, to create an accessible and exceptional ice cream experience of the highest quality for everyone.